MediaLite Mobile


MediaLite Mobile, the latest in Outdoor Advertising in the Mozambican Market, is the privileged means for street advertising. Our vehicles are equipped with two 3x4mt billboards with back lights and exterior sound system.

Our fleet is supervised by a GPS control system which allows a permanent surveillance of the vehicle. 

MediaLite Mobile by dreamMedia has a very positive emotional impact because they are very close to the consumer at the moment of purchasing or because it leads people to immediate action. Our extraordinary know-how along with the MediaLite Mobile mobility and versatility creates a great and positive impact on the potential consumer.

MediaLite Mobile goes around in routes defined by the client, stopping strategically in crowded places, where the driver hands-out flyers / merchandising / advertising gifts related to the ongoing event.  

Mozambique urban concept presents the ideal scenario for MediaLite Mobile since it is possible to reach to thousands of potential pedestrian costumers a day. Its intense traffic adds an incomparable value for advertising unlike any other means of communication.

The external sound system catches the potential consumer’s attention, the lightened sides inform about the ongoing campaign even on the darkest days and the flyer / merchandising / gift accomplishes the advertising goal.

This concept is even available in three different and unique versions: Giant Shopping Trolley, Giant Drink Can and Giant Bottle Cap.

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