MediaLite Scooter

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   MediaLite Scooter

dreamMedia has finished to introduce a new large fleet of MediaLite Scooters, available to road in Maputo province.

This irreverence concept allows a closest relation between brand/product with a costumer, directly and effectively.

As MediaScooters dreamMedia são versáteis e completamente personalizáveis: Branding, Sistema sonoro exterior, Sampling, Promotor...

Um conceito inovador que chega ao consumidor onde ele vive, trabalha e se diverte, envolvendo-o através de todos os seus sentidos.

dreamMedia MediaScooters are very versatile and absolutely adjustable: Branding, External Sound System, Sampling, Promoter…

An innovating concept that touch the costumer everywhere, at home, at work, involving him through of all senses.

The fleet is already available to road in the Maputo province.

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